Propane gas is a popular energy alternative because it is clean, inexpensive and flexible. Unlike natural gas, which is delivered by underground pipes (where municipalities allow), propane gas relies on truck delivery. In rural areas, it represents one of the most cost-effective energy sources.

TrainThe distribution system is therefore of prime importance. Our own supply is delivered by rail using our private fleet of rail tankers. Once in Joliette, Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière inc., a company held by the Belleville family, oversees the forwarding of rail tankers to Bell Gaz facilities. In this way, we are able to tightly control our supply and ensure constant availability for our customersÉquipement

The second element in the supply chain is storage. The reservoirs at our railroad terminal have a total capacity of 390,000 gallons.

Our fleet of tanker trucks is the crucial element that enables us to ensure timely onsite delivery. To guarantee proper delivery, we own a fleet of various types of trucks, from 50,000-gallon semi-trailers to tank delivery trucks. Our mission is to serve the various regions of Quebec, either through our own services or those of local distributers.

Truck fleetOur computerized fleet and delivery management system allows drivers to better manage their routes and thus respond more rapidly to customer requests.

Over the years, Bell Gaz has developed a service and delivery department which ensures an unbeatable delivery system to our residential and commercial customers.

We also provide propane gas equipment installation and maintenance services.