Hervé BellevilleBell Gaz was founded in the 50’s by Hervé Belleville in Saint-Félix-de-Valois in the Lanaudière region. At the time, Mr. Belleville, a tinsmith by trade, bought fifty
100-lb tanks, delivering them personally in the evenings. The sale of propane gas was highly successful, particularly to poultry farmers in the area.

From the 70’s through the 90’s, his sons, Guy, Pierre and Robert, took over and the company grew to become the largest independent propane gas company in Quebec.

HistoryDuring these years, several independent distributors were purchased by industry giants. The Bell Gaz board of directors refused all buy-out offers and instead decided to expand. This decision provoked a fall in prices, instituted by industry leaders in the hopes of eliminating the remaining independent resellers. However, thanks to its scaled-down administration, among other elements, Bell Gaz weathered the storm.

By the end of the 90’s, the transfer of the company to the third generation – to Michel and Sylvain, Guy’s sons, and to Dominic and Sébastien, Robert’s sons – was well under way.

HistoryIt is also during this period that Canadian Pacific, which transports gas by rail, stopped their operations in Lanaudière; Bell Gaz could not afford to lose such a significant source of supply. After two years of negotiations, Bell Gaz acquired a 17-kilometre stretch of railway from Canadian Pacific and created Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière inc. This way, Bell Gaz ensured its exceptional guarantee of delivery.

Bell Gaz serves more than 15,000 wholesale and retail customers as well as various independent distributors across Quebec.

Thanks to its unique properties, propane gas has grown in popularity among homeowners, restaurateurs and farmers. Bell Gaz guarantees highly competitive prices and courteous service.