Propane is extracted from natural gas and refinery gas. It is an odorless, colorless and non-toxic gas. An odorant is added to it to make it perceptible.
Propane is pressurized into a highly-concentrated liquid gas, giving it a high energy content and making it easy to transport. It represents a flexible, economical form of energy.

PropaneIt can be found in the home, on campgrounds, in restaurants, on construction sites and in agricultural and industrial settings. It also powers thousands of cars throughout the country.

The heat produced by propane is instantaneous, with no loss in energy. Temperature can be set with great precision. The efficiency of propane gas equipment is impressive; for example, a central heating boiler uses up to 98% of the fuel consumed. When compared to other fuels, propane is three times more efficient in terms of energy loss. Propane is a versatile, safe and economical source of energy. Simply contact one of our offices to discover what propane gas can do for your home or business.