Great recognition for two of our subsidiaries!

On April 5, CN announced the winners of its Safe Handling Award for 2021. This award is given to companies that load the dangerous goods into railcars and meet rigorous standards for the safe handling and shipping of regulated products.

We are proud of our two subsidiaries, Énergies Sonic and Bell-Gaz, are among the recipients of this award. Our efforts to raise our standards in terms of safety and environmental protection to a higher level are rewarded. This recognition reflects the importance the company places on maintaining a safe environment for everyone by encouraging good practices and regular training.

Moreover, as an energy distributor and owner of the Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière, Groupe Filgo-Sonic has been working with CN for many years. The Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière (CFL) has been a part of our group since 2017 and we can count on the expertise of the people who work there. We would like to congratulate our teams for their accomplishments, their commitment and their remarkable work.

About the CN

The Canadian National (CN) is one of two major railway companies in Canada. Its network also extends to the United States.

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About the CFL

The Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière offers transportation, warehousing and offloading sites for different types of products. Our railway runs through the Lanaudière region for 17 km between Joliette and Saint-Félix-de-Valois. 

To know more about the Compagnie du chemin de fer Lanaudière (CFL): IT’S THIS WAY

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